Anticipation of Celebration

Cocktail Music

CGO is extremely adept at creating the perfect music for an elegant Cocktail Hour.

CGO Elegance Ensembles and Solo Performers:

  • CGO Jazz Trio – Grand Piano, Upright Bass and Guitar
  • Smooth Jazz Quartet – Sax, Keys, Bass and Drums
  • Mainstream Jazz Ensembles
  • Piano, Bass and Sax Trio
  • Guitar, Bass and Sax
  • CGO Sonata String Quartet, Trio or Duo
  • Solo Violin
  • Strolling Strings
  • Piano       (Option: add Violin or Flute)
  • Harp        (Option: add Violin or Flute)
  • Guitar      (Option: add Violin or Flute)
  • Brazilian Guitar
  • VOYCES  – CGO’s 5 part A Cappella Singers
  • 7 pc Caribbean Island Music Ensemble
  • Steel Drums
  • New Orleans Dixieland Jazz Band
  • Folk Music
  • Ethnic Music of any kind
  • Bagpipes
  • or anything else you request…

Tailored to Taste... The Groom is an actor and loves Broadway Musicals. The Bride loves classical music and they both love Adele and Michael Buble…

CGO recommends Grand Piano with String Quartet playing a mix of classical & pop songs with touches of Michael Buble, Adele and Broadway hits.

Whatever your vision, CGO will make it happen.

REPERTOIRE: CGO Cocktail Ensembles perform all styles of Pop, Jazz and Classical music, in any combination you request.

Company CGO Music International
President Carl Granieri
Style Cocktail Music