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Wedding Receptions

We entertain at the finest receptions … Worldwide.

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CGO.  Great music.  Careful attention to detail…  PERFECTION.

Your Unique Vision…Your Dream Reception… we bring these visions to life:

  • Destination Weddings anywhere in the world… because of international show work, we have entertainment connections everywhere
  • Classic Dinner-Dance Reception, perhaps at The Beverly Hills Wilshire…  we work with the finest venues.
  • Mansion Receptions… guests are spread out in various rooms… we are experts, knowing how to bring all guests back to the main ballroom at the right times for dancing and special Family moments. Strolling entertainment is perfect for guests having dinner in different rooms.
  • Garden / Tent Receptions… require special technical and acoustic consideration. CGO has the knowledge your Wedding Planner needs to allow proper stage space, dance-floor positioning, sufficient electric power and lighting.  State-of-the-art sound equipment allows us to complement rather than overpower the tent acoustics.
  • Casual-Informal … butlers serve hors d’oeuvres, with multiple dinner stations to follow and dancing from the get go…. We pace that kind of party perfectly, and create the relaxed atmosphere you are looking for.


INSTRUMENTATION: 10-12 piece with 3-5 singers.  Smaller or larger options up to 21 pieces and beyond, creating a stunning sound and look that your guests will talk about forever. Guaranteed.

Master of Ceremonies – Complete professionalism.  CGO handles all Announcements, Champagne Toasts, Blessings, Special Events and Song Requests. Dinner features sophisticated music at a volume your guests can talk over.

After dinner we fill your dance-floor and keep it that way, rocking your party until the last note.

SOUND: Pro equipment for every venue… insuring the band sounds great at the right volume.  Large Reverberant Ballrooms… we know how to manage sound in that environment.  Tent acoustics... we know how to handle that too.

Jewish Weddings: We handle Crowning and Candlelighting, Horas and Fraylocks for traditional dancing.

We take great pride in being an integral part of your most treasured memories.

Company CGO Music International
President Carl Granieri
Style Wedding Receptions